Company Profile

Established in the 1980s, Palumbo Properties has always been a company dedicated to the success of its tenants. Palumbo Properties strives to provide the best service in the surrounding community to meet every tenant’s needs and wants. To accomplish these goals, a dedicated team of personnel is always on call and available to solve any problem or concern. From the beginning, Palumbo Properties has set out to offer the most affordable office space over its competitors. 

Palumbo Properties continues to strive for excellence and success in all of their future endeavors. By maintaining the company’s core values and continuing to meet tenant’s needs, the sky is the limit for Palumbo Properties. The company continues to grow by acquiring new land, creating new developments, and managing our portfolio, while maintaining our positive influence in the community.  Palumbo Properties continues to search for potential employees to add a unique presence to our already diverse group of management personnel.